Hello! • 你好! • Nǐ Hǎo! • Nee How!

"Gordon & Li Li: Celebrate New Year is a clever, colorful, and cheerful book that's both informative and entertaining. Learning a little Mandarin in character and pinyin while learning about festive traditions provides the readers a fun, immersive cultural experience."

Asia Society

"Michele brought an animated and interactive storytelling to our family visitors during Lunar New Year! Gordon & Li Li: Celebrate Chinese New Year, was the basis for kids learning some Mandarin words, the unique traditions of the holiday, and getting to participate in the celebration."

Brooklyn Children's Museum

"Vibrantly illustrated, Gordon & Li Li: Celebrate Chinese New Year, stars our two favorite panda cousins who give a fun and easy-to-understand primer on Chinese New Year. As readers learn several words of Mandarin Chinese, they get to know the traditions of this important holiday. Perfect for all ages!”

Pearl River Mart

“Michele was effortless at engaging with every one of our visitors, who could not get enough of her Gordon & Li Li App. Children showed immense concentration as they used their fingers to trace the Chinese characters. This is a must-have app for early Mandarin learners!”

Museum of Chinese in America